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Stock Market Is For Everyone


DHABA 1 Theory

You will acquire the skill of filtering out stocks that never fail and eventually rise up to make new highs.



In this section, you will learn the concept of "Investing system accuracy and reliability". You will understand the concept of reward to risk ratio.



In this section, you will learn the methodology to calculate the right number of shares (position sizing). How much quantity of shares you must buy if you are investing or doing different types fo trading



Here you will learn more about yourself. You will learn to answer "The Question". What trading type should suit you? Should you be looking only to invest, or do swing trading or do positional trading or do intraday or intraweek trading. 



In this section, you will learn one or two; complete trading or investing systems. You will be given the right strategy to enter in the right stock and the right strategy to exit when the time comes. 

1.5 hour Online Session
It gives you a completely different perspective on the Indian Stock Market. The highlight of this session is that it gives you an accurate way of calculating the right number of stocks you must buy, at the exact entry and exit prices. It shall also tell you the exact date when you should put your money in any stock. It answers the central question - which stock to choose when to enter when to exit, and at what prices.
The cost of the workshop is free of charge. You must be wondering, if this workshop is so effective then why are we giving it to you free of charge? Well, we have multiple answers to it and all are true to every word.
a. It allows us to leverage our knowledge and experience to create another source of income as at the end of this session we offer our paid sessions to those who want it and know that they need it. We start our paid sessions at an advanced level from day one covering all the basics in the SMIFE.
b. In SMIFE, we give away investing techniques and systems without any monetary consideration and without any selfishness. We firmly believe in KARMA, what goes around, comes around. By helping people get the right sense of stock market investing, we are consistently increasing our "LUCK" in our universe savings account.
c. It helps us do something creative with our lives. We believe in creating lives rather than wasting it over weekend parties and trips. What else better, can we do if we are not helping and creating value.
​About the facilitator:
 Nikhil Dhingra is the founder of the NDPMS Mentorship Program. He is an effective trainer in the areas of technical analysis, trading psychology, and trading motivation. Having been a trader since the age of 19 years, Nikhil has been through most of the cycles of the stock market. He trains from his heart, believing that emotional support in trading brings out the best in people in the industry. 

Stock Market Is For EveryOne Webinar
Stock Market Is For EveryOne Webinar
Apr 09, 2021, 11:50 AM
A 90-min webinar on Bank Nifty
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